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With over two decades of experience in providing specialised Employment and HR guidance, Tinkler Solicitors stands as a beacon of support for employers. Our employment solicitors offer confidential, bespoke legal advice tailored to the unique needs and challenges of your business. Whether you are navigating the intricacies of employee relations or seeking guidance on employment provider issues, our expertise is at your service.


The cornerstone of any employer-employee relationship is the employment contract. This crucial document outlines the terms of employment, from working hours and salary to benefits, and sets the expectations for both parties. We understand the importance of crafting contracts that not only reflect your business's values and expectations but also safeguard your interests and prepare for any eventuality.


In times of dispute, whether with current or former employees, Tinkler Solicitors is equipped to offer specialist advice and representation. Our approach is grounded in a thorough understanding of current legislation and regulatory frameworks, ensuring that your business is both protected and compliant. From courts to employment tribunals, we are prepared to represent your company at all levels, providing peace of mind in challenging situations.


Our services encompass a wide range of Employment Law areas, including but not limited to:


- Employment Contracts

- Employment Disputes

- Anti-Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying Protocols

- Unfair Dismissal Claims

- Regulatory Compliance

- Tribunals and Mediation


For those seeking further information or a free, no-obligation initial discussion, our doors are always open. We're here to provide the clarity and support your business needs to navigate the complexities of Employment Law confidently.

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